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We are always interested in sharing our years of insight and knowledge within our respective industries and trades; whether authoring articles, writing books, or talking with journalists.

Here's just a portion of the publications and articles we've contributed to:

08/01/2011 - Credit Union Management, "Branch Transformation" by Jamie McMahon read article
Nice-looking is no longer enough. Paul Seibert, CMC contributes to the discussion of tailoring a branch to its community.

08/01/2011 - ABA Banking Journal, "Something New in the Neighborhood" by Paul Seibert read article
The neighborhood branch concept delivers high-value service, plus 7 core principles for a successful branch.

06/24/2011 - IIDA Perspective, "The Consulting Advantage" by Ernest Beck read article
CEO Jack Emick and Principal Mia Marshall explain why designers who have added consulting to their repertoire provide substantially enhanced solutions for clients.

06/01/2011 - Credit Union Management, "An Island Transformation" by Brett Conway read article
A new brand and a new building designed by EHS helps create a transforming vibe for Guam's Coast360 FCU.

06/01/2011 - DDI, "Can Technology Save the Bookstore?" by Cristopher Gunter, AIA, RDI read article
EHS Retail Design Principal Cris Gunter looks into how technology is changing the personalized book marketplace.

CUES Online, "Facility Solutions" multi-part series by Paul Seibert, CMC continues
07/25/2011 - Facility Solutions: The Value of a Prototype
06/21/2011 - Facility Solutions: Buy vs. Build
05/17/2011 - Facility Solutions: Stop Building and Remodeling Branches! Not!
04/19/2011 - Facility Solutions: The Neighborhood Branch
03/15/2011 - Facility Solutions: Is the Branch Dead Again?
02/15/2011 - Facility Solutions: Surplus Branch Space
01/18/2011 - Facility Solutions: Branch Design Innovation
12/21/2010 - Facility Solutions: What's in a Name?
11/17/2010 - Facility Solutions: Overflowing Headquarters
11/17/2010 - Facility Solutions: Trends in Branching

05/01/2011 - Bank Technology News, "RBC Gets in Touch With Customers" by Michael Sisk read article
Customers want to play with new technology, but also want face-to-face interaction, as described by EHS VP of Financial Services Paul Seibert.

01/19/2011 - Credit Union Times, "Halleck Says Members See Branches as Key to Convenience" by Eileen M. Courter read article
Paul Seibert, EHS VP of Financial Services, speaks to the long-term value and trends in renovating bank and credit union branches.

01/03/2011 - ABA Bank Marketing, "Tomorrow's Branch: Designing Better Relationships" by Paul Seibert, CMC read article
EHS VP Paul Seibert describes trends in branch design that keep brick-and-mortar and "real person" service relevant.

CUES Online, "Facility Solutions: Branch Network Optimization" 7-part series by Paul Seibert, CMC
04/20/2010 - Part 1: Branch Network Optimization Survey Findings
05/18/2010 - Part 2: Branch Network Efficiency
06/15/2010 - Part 3: Expanding Locations
07/20/2010 - Part 4: Individual Branch Performance
08/17/2010 - Part 5: Branch Size Standards
09/21/2010 - Part 6: Branch Services
10/19/2010 - Part 7: Branch Types

09/2010 - Contract Magazine, "Designers Rate" read article
Senior EHS designer Mia Marshall offers up her preferred furniture systems.

04/2010 - "Interior Design In Practice" by Terri L. Maurer and Katie Weeks order book
In a case study, CEO Jack Emick relates how EHS has successfully evolved in over 30 years in the design business.

03/05/2010 - Retrofit Magazine, "Sizing Up a Seismic Retrofit" by Brett Conway view PDF
Brett Conway, COO describes how seismic retrofitting was a critical component of the renovation of an iconic building by bringing it up to code and saving its owners money.

03/2010 - Enterprise Magazine, "Time To Branch Out?" by Jim Sutherland view PDF
Discover how three Canadian credit unions used branch design to bolster their brands, including how North Shore CU was helped by EHS.

03/2010 - Credit Union Management, "Security Strategies" by Jamie Swedberg view PDF
EHS VP of Financial Services Paul Seibert talks about how to build in bank and credit union security and deter would-be robbers through architectural design and SafeCatch�.

01/2010 - ABA Banking Journal, "Time for Branch Optimization" by Paul Seibert, CMC view PDF
Paul Seibert looks at branching solutions to enhance overall network profitability, rather than just looking at the potential of each site.

01/2010 - Credit Union Management, "Room For Improvement" by Paul Seibert, CMC view PDF
How to increase efficiencies in existing branches for growth in a down economy.

CUES Online, "Facility Solutions" 5-part series by Paul Seibert, CMC
10/20/2009 - "Closing Underperforming Branches"
11/17/2009 - "Overflowing Headquarters"
12/15/2009 - "Build, Purchase or Lease?"
01/19/2010 - "Own or Lease?"
03/17/2010 - "Who to Hire?"

08/2009 - California Banker, "Building Branch Network Productivity" by Paul Seibert, CMC view PDF
Now is the perfect time to assess your branch network performance, enhance delivery strategies, and take tactical measure to increase branch and market ROI.

08/01/2009 - Bank Technology News, "Automated Tellers Are Getting Smarter" by Michael Sisk view PDF
EHS's VP of Financial Services Paul Seibert, CMC speaks to the roles of human staff when integrating automated technology into branch design.

06/22/2009 - CUES Skybox, "Best of Both Worlds Security Solution" by Paul Seibert, CMC view PDF
Keeping people safe while enhancing member services can be a reality for banks and credit unions, as Paul Seibert, CMC describes SafeCatch� security.

05/11/2009 - Credit Union Journal, "Security Upgrade Also Enhances Member, Staff Experience" by Paul Seibert, CMC view PDF
SafeCatch� robbery prevention procedures and SafeCatch Architecture delivers more than just enhanced security at a modest cost; customer service is also highly enhanced, as Paul Seibert explains.

04/2009 - Credit Union Management, "The Geography of ATMs" by Diane Franklin view PDF
Paul Seibert, CMC speaks to the placement of ATMs based on the overall strategic branching plan.

03/2009 - Police Chief Magazine, "SafeCatch: An Educational Partnership Offering More Customer Development and Less Crime" by Paul Seibert, CMC view PDF
Paul Seibert, CMC describes how to thwart attempted robberies and fraud while building customer relationships through the SafeCatch� system.

12/2008 - Credit Union Management, "Got Branch Planning?" by Ron Jooss view PDF
Paul Seibert, CMC discusses the importance of strategic branch planning and branch-level accounting.

11/2008 - Credit Union Times, "CU Boards Must Be Careful in Cutting the Right Corners" by Paul Seibert, CMC view PDF
In his letter to the editor, Paul Seibert warns that cutting back everywhere is not necessarily the wisest strategy to weather a tough economic storm.

08/2008 - California Banker, "Great Customer Development -- Less Crime" by Paul Seibert, CMC
Paul Seibert describes how SafeCatch� Training and SafeCatch Architecture can be applied to successfully reduce robbery and fraud while actually enhancing customer service and development.

06/2008 - Credit Union Management, "High Five" by Paul Seibert, CMC view PDF
Paul Seibert writes about the five big questions you should ask before investing in a headquarters facility.

02/2008 - VM+SD, "Retail Renovation" by ST Media Group view PDF
One of EHS' branch renovation projects featured in The Institute of Store Planners and VM+SD magazine's annual book of the most interesting, innovative, and inviting retail renovations.

01/2008 - Credit Union Strategy & Performance, "Business Partners' Outlook 2008" by Paul Seibert, CMC view PDF
Paul Seibert, CMC describes EHS Design's outlook for the credit union industry in the next year and key ways credit unions can stay on top.

12/2007 - Credit Union Management, "Security With a Smile" by Jaime Carter view PDF
Article discusses Paul Seibert's work on SafeCatch� -- a new, low cost robbery prevention system that decreases crime and also improves member service.

11/14/2007 - Credit Union Times, "CEOs, Boards Must Prepare Now for Merger Question" by Paul Seibert, CMC
With merger activity unlikely to decline, it's not too soon to put protection and response policies in place.

11/2007 - Credit Union Management, "At Your Service" by Ron Polaniecki, CAE view PDF
Brick-and-mortar branch offices are alive and well which means that service and security is the order of the day, explains Paul Seibert.

08/11/2007 - Seattle Post Intelligencer, "New Tactics Help Ward Off Robbers" by Scott Gutierrez
The FBI says banks could better use architecture to prevent robberies. Paul Seibert has partnered his expertise with FBI Special Agent Larry Carr to develop architecture that incorporates SafeCatch� principles.

08/08/2007 - Daily Journal of Commerce, "Management by Design: The Influence of Office Environments on Office Culture" by Clive Shearer
EHS Design's CEO, Jack Emick, identifies how a design approach correlates with corporate culture.

08/2007 - Credit Union Management, "More Than Green" by Bryan Ochalla view PDF
A credit union with a long history of being environmentally friendly gives a glimpse into the process of building a 'green' branch. EHS Design is assisting Columbia Credit Union in 'going green' by applying new technologies and techniques.

07/06/2007 - Credit Union Journal, "Real Estate as Earning Assets: The Other Side of the Story" by Paul Seibert, CMC
Paul's letter-to-the-editor regarding the long-term profitability of property ownership.

06/01/2007 - Credit Union Management, "Science of Growth" by Paul Seibert, CMC, Mark Weber, and Glenn Christensen view PDF
Shaping your future in a world where strategy is no longer enough.

02/01/2007 - Display & Design Ideas, DDI Magazine, "Flying High" by Alison Embrey Medina
Airport retail is in full swing. EHS Design's retail work for Club Jet Duty Free is an example of an eye-appealing, high-energy airport retail store that creates a destination for travelers.

11/6/2006 - San Francisco Business Times, "Bankers Try to Balance Local Taste, Uniformity" by Mark Calvey
Banks are tailoring branches to local tastes in order to be competitive. Paul Seibert provides insight into how coin counters and kids' area features can vary depending on locale. He also describes the fine balance between promoting a strong brand image while keying into local values and interests.

11/2006 - Credit Union Management, "Many Considerations" by Kristin Gilpatrick
Paul Seibert identifies a variety of factors that enter into facility occupancy discussions and decisions to build or open a new branch. Paul stresses the overall importance of a strategic branch plan based on facts, future plans, and a larger strategy to maximize productivity and draw in current/future target markets.

08/2006 - Credit Union Management, "Brand New Experience" by Diane Franklin
EHS Design's partner Weber Marketing Group, named CUES FSF of the Year, is taking a pioneering approach to brand development for credit unions. Together, EHS Design and Momentum recently formed a third company Momentum to not only design, brand, and merchandise branches, but build them as well.

07/03/2006 - The Credit Union Journal, "Special Report: Facilities - Reader Question"
Paul Seibert answers a reader's question about the special security requirements of an in-store branch, and he elaborates on six areas of special security concerns.

05/01/2006 - Credit Union Management, "Mapping it Out" by Karen Bankston
Careful analysis can pinpoint profitable branch locations. Beyond just 'driving around,' Paul Seibert describes deeper analysis involving development, crime statistics, traffic, neighborhood boundaries, demand for services, and segmentation analysis. Paul stresses the need for the credit union to identify its mission and target audience.

04/10/2006 - The Credit Union Journal, "Winning from Downtown: Different Strategies for Branches in Urban Cores" by Lisa Freeman
Adding a credit union branch in a downtown area is not an easy task. Not only do you need first-floor access, you need storefront visibility. Paul Seibert adds that the expectations are different, along with the measurement tools used to evaluate the performance of a downtown branch.

02/01/2006 - Credit Union Management, "Secure and Satisfied" by Paul Seibert
With branch security being a top concern, Seibert recently met with an FBI agent, who works with the bureau's bank robbery prevention program, to discuss security issues and solutions. Through these conversations, they coined a Hi! Security solution that Seibert writes about along with key design and employee training solutions to maintain high member satisfaction.

01/01/2006 - Credit Union Management, "Gearing up for Facilities" by Charlene Komar Storey
Paul Seibert contributes to this article that explores how branches are more than brick and mortar; they're an expression of lifestyle.

09/01/2005 - Credit Union Management, "This Space for Rent" by Jamie Swedberg
Paul Seibert discusses building for short- and long-range needs and options leasing unused space. He also discusses issues to keep in mind with multiple tenancies.

03/02/2005 - Credit Union Times, "'Quiet' Zones Can Help Offer Unique CU Experiences for Members, Employees Alike"
Paul Seibert discusses making the credit union environment a more relaxing, inviting experience that engages the five senses; he illustrates a few unique examples of how EHS Design has done this.

01/26/2005 - Credit Union Times, "Relationships Count in Building Facilities, Brands in Hawaii" by Myriam DiGiovanni
When it comes to building in the paradise that is Hawaii, the greatest challenge for mainland design/build firms could be just finding an "in"... Mark Weber and Paul Seibert talk about the unique aspects to working with a financial facility in Hawaii and the facility and brand work being done for Honolulu City and Employees Federal Credit Union.

01/01/2005 - Perspective (IIDA Publication), "Entrepreneurial Eyes" by Kim Lande
How four veteran business owners risked, sacrificed, and triumphed in self-employment. It includes a profile of former President of EHS Design Mindy Howard and her experience starting a business.

11/18/2004 - Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce, "Ready to Go National with Your Design Firm? Here's how a medium-size Seattle firm did it" by Jack Emick For local architectural and design firm, EHS Design, growing business nationally wasn't a huge leap, but a series of small, strategic steps...

09/24/2004 - Puget Sound Business Journal, "Constant Eye to Updates Governs Competitive Edge" by Jack Emick
During the recent commercial real estate and economic downturn, commercial building owners sought ways to freshen outdated buildings and reposition office space for the needs and concerns of today's businesses, particularly those in growth industries...

09/01/2004 - Independent Banker, "Designed for Success" by Bridget McCrea
Making a business statement with the look and feel of physical space. Paul Seibert contributes information about the importance of a physical brand and creating a hierarchy of how the branch will feel -- looking at the importance of a business model rather than just pasting architectural concepts into a branch.

08/12/2004 - Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce, "$46M Upgrade Will Give Met Park a Lift"
Details the upgrades that EHS Design is working on to make Metropolitan Park attractive to tenants.

07/01/2004 - Credit Union Management, "Urge to Merge" by Glenn Christensen, Paul Seibert and Mark Weber
Building a consensus and defining the process are key along with market considerations, financial considerations, and cultural/political aspects involved with creating a successful merger.

06/01/2004 - Credit Union Management, "Who's On Call" by Karen Bankston
Members' expectations for round-the-clock access to financial services and the branch growth of many credit unions have made staffing operations for emergencies a 24/7 concern... Paul Seibert contributes sage advice about developing emergency contact lists and risk management employees/consultants.

05/19/2004 - Credit Union Times, "Special Report: Facilities -- Looking for True Branch Success? Then Don't View Branches as an Aggregate" by Myriam Digiovanni
When it comes to measuring branch performance individuality counts. Paul Seibert explains importance of individual branch tracking.

05/19/2004 - Credit Union Times, "Alaska CU Branch Challenges No Different Than 'Lower 48' -- Give or Take a Moose" by Myriam Digiovanni
Building credit union branches in Alaska is an exercise in creative problem solving...

05/05/2004 - Credit Union Times, "Retail Branches in Focus"
How brand is reinforced through retail environments illustrated with several case-in-point projects by EHS Design: Yolo Federal Credit Union and Norlarco Federal Credit Union.

05/01/2004 - Credit Union Management, "Stretching Out with Shared Branching" by Karen Bankston
Shared branching expands and continues to help credit unions extend their service reach. Paul Seibert shares his insight gathered over the years to discuss important issues to consider with shared networks, real world examples, and design issues, and branching strategies involved.

05/01/2004 - Credit Union Management, "Merchandising Branches" by Diane Franklin
How does a credit union go from traditional branch to retail destination? Illustrates case example Norlarco Credit Union's new prototype developed by EHS Design and Weber Marketing Group.

04/26/2004 - The Credit Union Journal, "Special Report: Facilities -- Pretty Not Enough Anymore" by Frank J. Diekmann
The Key in Developing a Branch? Developing the payback. Branch designers aren't all about the pretty stuff. They know spending money on a branch is an investment -- one on which credit unions expect a return...

04/01/2004 - Credit Union Management, "Shhh, Voices Carry: Branch Privacy" by Charlene Komar Storey
Do your branches protect members' private data from being overheard or seen by others? Paul Seibert shares insight from years of branch auditing experience and solutions.

04/05/2003 - Daily Journal of Commerce, "Washington Plaza Retail Center"
A project profile of an upscale specialty retail complex EHS Design planned and designed at gateway to resort city of La Quinta.

02/26/2003 - Credit Union Times, "CUES Selects Seibert to Author Book"
EHS Design principal Paul Seibert will author 3rd Edition of Strategic Facility Planning and Management for Credit Unions.

12/01/2002 - Washington CEO, "Branching Out" by Jeff Bond
EHS Design's work on HomeStreet Bank branch is pictured in this article about new "touchy-feely" banks of today.

09/01/2002 - Credit Union Management, "Well Oiled" by Kristin Gilpatrick
On shared branching, EHS Design principal Paul Seibert explains it is like "3-dimensional chess..." and lists important considerations for those entering a shared branching agreement.

08/29/2002 - Daily Journal of Commerce, "Auto Dealerships a Bright Spot for Local Contractors" by Jon Silver
EHS Design principal Jim Haack explains how car dealership facilities have changed, especially from horizontal to more vertical layouts for urban areas.

08/28/2002 - Daily Journal of Commerce, "Snapshot: Brett Conway, AIA" by Sam Bennett
Question answer session with EHS Design principal Brett Conway, AIA.

08/21/2002 - Credit Union Management, "Branching Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow" by Paul Seibert
The diagram of a credit union's branches 25 years ago looked more like a straight line --or a road with a few forks-- than the intricate web of technical, traditional and partnered extensions that credit unions find themselves managing today...

08/21/2002 - Credit Union Times, "Not Just Kids' Play -- Playing up to kids in branches can give credit unions an edge..." by Myriam Digiovanni
EHS Design principal Paul Seibert explains the importance of kids' areas in credit unions and specific considerations that need to be taken when designing.

08/01/2002 - Credit Union Management, "Branching Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow" by Paul Seibert
EHS Design principal Paul Seibert explains how credit union strategy has changed over the years and the importance of developing and retaining strong member bonds with effective delivery channels, new philosophies, and a member focused image. Then he takes us on a tour of an ideal branch in the year 2027.

06/26/2002 - Credit Union Times, "Who Says Ergonomics has to be a Pain for Credit Unions?" by Myriam Bourjolly
EHS Design principal Paul Seibert explains the importance of including good ergonomic design into facility design.

06/26/2002 - Credit Union Times, "From Studio Tellers to Ergonomic Elements, Today's Credit Union Facilities..." by Myriam Bourjolly
EHS Design principal Paul Seibert talks about choregraphing the member experience with new design elements. Case study Financial Partners Credit Union in Newport beach advanced its business goals through convergent branding.

06/01/2002 - Credit Union Management, "Facilities Fitness" by Dianne Movig
EHS Design principal Paul Seibert expresses the importance of a facility manager who is involved in strategic planning and facility changes for effective alignment with business strategies to occur.

04/24/2002 - Credit Union Times, "Norlarco CU Branch Borrows from Surroundings" by Myriam Bourjolly
Article about design and idea behind prototype and design that EHS Design developed for Norlarco Credit Union.

02/28/2002 - Daily Journal of Commerce, "Managing Churn without Feeling the Burn" by Jack Emick
In either a bull or bear real estate market it's inevitable. In the next one to three years, companies nationwide will churn an average of 44 percent of their staff and an average of 31 percent of their rentable place...

02/01/2002 - Credit Union Management, "Tech-Grown Service" by Diane Franklin
Paul Seibert and Brett Conway discuss tellerless branches and appropriate solutions that fit within each market. Case studies highlight EHS Design work with remote teller system for Norlarco and Denver Postal CU -- as well as the electronic kiosks in Power 1 with MSR readily available.

05/01/2001 - Credit Union Management, "Connecting" by Mark Weber and Paul Seibert
While one 50-something member sips fresh coffee and reads The Wall Street Journal, a businesswoman eyes the monitors showing today's NASDAQ stock quotes, while Web shopping for a credit union discount on a new car... This article explores how successful convergent brands are not 'hit or miss'

03/09/2001 - Seattle Post-Intelligencer, "Washington Mutual's Branches Getting an Informal Makeover" by Bill Virgin
Washington Mutual and other banks are using more informal approaches to bank-branch design. Paul Seibert explains an approach to create a more face-to-face contact.

03/01/2001 - Credit Union Management, "Brand Convergence" by Mark Weber and Paul Seibert
High-growth model merges Web and branch. The frantic pace of technology has created a dangerous trend of multiple channels to manage, leading to the fracturing of brands. By not linking Web, automated and in-person service, far too many credit unions are creating a Jekyl and Hyde type of brand inconsistency.


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