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Today, retail interior design and architecture must do more than just WOW people with aesthetics and selling on site. Today’s retail experience must create a positive visceral response that is subconsciously referenced when customers are connecting via technology from remote locations. This is the added power and potential ROI of a well-conceived, articulated, and delivered brand experience for customers and staff.

With a goal to create an accurate, memorable, and exciting translation of their new brand image, Numerica Credit Union (NCU) teamed with EHS, a NELSON Company to create a branch with an interior and exterior that supports the Numerica brand, as well as a member and staff experience that provides significant differentiation in the market, substantially increasing member development, staff success, and community engagement.

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An Invitation

A strong and well-articulated brand is critical to every financial institution’s success. It is the foundation upon which to build strategies, culture, product and service offerings, target market definitions, and to make delivery choices across the omni-channel network. This book is written and continuously updated to provide the reader with an introduction into how strong brands are translated into a powerful customer experience that enhances relationship development, share-of-wallet acquisition, and target market growth, and an equally strong staff experience that provides a clear path and environment for living the brand in branches and headquarters facilities.
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Branching is not dead. In fact, it is thriving in new forms—in sizes, staff composition, technology integration, and methods of revenue generation. We were asked to compete with other national design firms to create a new, highly efficient and productive design, while delivering a unique brand experience.

Municipal Credit Union in New York City serves over 300,000 members from a network of branches. They needed a new branded brand concept to help differentiate them in their market, and substantially enhance the member and staff experience. Following is the NELSON brand experience brand translation and branch business model transformation for a new branch on Staten Island. This work was completed with Weber Marketing Group, a longtime strategic partner.

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Are you truly living your brand? Many Financial Institutes say they are. In reality, only a few do. There are big payoffs for creating and delivering a consistent and powerful experience – high customer satisfaction, advocacy and share-of-wallet; staff brand engagement, motivation and success; strong competitive differentiation and accelerated target market growth. It takes more than some marketing pieces that talk about brand, a new logo and tag line. It requires holistic brand integration driven from the top of the organization down through every department.


Please join us at the Financial Brand Forum in Las Vegas, NV on April 29th to see firsthand how this branding work is creating dramatic positive change for our many clients.

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Maritza Estrada
Interior Designer

A longtime member of the EHS team, Maritza Estrada has been designing, planning, and overseeing projects from conception through construction as an interior designer for nearly 20 years. When she’s not working, you can be sure to find her spending time with her son or reading a book in her moments of spare time. We chatted with Maritza about her influences, insights, and challenges and developed an outline of what led her to her success today. 

For our next installment of the EHS Design Casual Conversation Series, we present A Casual Conversation with Maritza Estrada.

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Karlee Coble
Client Account Manager | Interior Designer

With more than ten years in the industry, Karlee Coble‘s diverse portfolio and undeniable drive not only gives her the knowledge and capacity to design timeless spaces, but also the technical skills necessary to manage projects and sell work. When she’s not managing multiple projects, you can be sure to find her preparing for a marathon on her daily morning run around Alki Beach. We chatted with Karlee about her influences, insights, and challenges and developed an outline of what led her to her success today.

For our newest installment of the EHS Design Casual Conversation Series, we present A Casual Conversation with Karlee Coble.

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