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In a move that unites a Seattle boutique architecture and interior design firm with a global multi-discipline powerhouse, EHS Design is joining operations with NELSON. An exciting, immediate benefit is a combined firm that can truly bring a “one stop shop” to clients, combining EHS’s excellent interior design, architecture and planning with NELSON’s branding, engineering and other consulting services.

EHS Design, a fully integrated interior design, architecture and strategic planning firm and NELSON, a global full-service design, architecture, engineering and consulting services firm are joining forces to expand EHS Design’s reach and NELSON’s services to clients in the Seattle office and in the surrounding West Coast region.

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A multifaceted architect and project manager, Charles Fritzemeier brings a substantial and diverse portfolio to the EHS team. With 25 years of experience in the industry, he understands what it takes to visualize, craft, and implement a design. We chatted with Charles about his influences, insights, and challenges and developed an outline of what led him to his success today.

For our newest installment of the EHS Design Casual Conversation Series, we present A Casual Conversation with Charles Fritzemeier.

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Most credit unions need branches today and well into the future to provide competitive convenience, tangible branded differentiation, and a physical place to build relationships. At the same time, today’s branches must be less expensive and more productive, which requires new business models and branded experiences.

Paul Seibert, our EVP of Financial Design, provides some insights to help you decide how video transactions could impact your brand and bottom line. Check out the full article on the CUES website.

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Yesterday, credit unions and banks often developed one branch business model and applied it to all markets. Today, technology, evolving brands and the need to right size branches to market potential is driving the creation of a variety of branch sizes and component parts. In the following slides we present 10 + basic branch concepts being deployed across North America. Within each type there are numerous subtypes based on each FIs brand characteristics, target customer/market, market product and service drivers, level of technology integration and budgets. This large number of branching options is a two edged sword. Branching is expensive and each institution must select the right solutions that deliver a unique and highly productive experience for customers and staff. This is the work we are doing for credit unions and banks across North America.

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With more than 48 years in the industry, Paul Seibert has a wealth of experience and accomplishments he brings to EHS Design. Now the Executive Vice President of Financial Design, Paul has been working diligently with the firm since Paul Seibert & Associates merged with Emick Howard & Associates in 1992. A pioneer in financial design, prolific writer, and avid musical enthusiast, we chatted with Paul about his influences, insights, and challenges, and developed an outline of what led him to his success today.


For this installment of the EHS Design Casual Conversation Series, we present A Casual Conversation with Paul Seibert.

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Brokers, developers, designers, and others interested in the state of multifamily development in Seattle gathered on Wednesday, October 29, to discuss the future of this booming market in the city at the 4th annual Seattle Multifamily Summit. It was a lively discussion about both the financial impacts and development trends industry experts are seeing. Here are a few highlights that resonated with me.

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